Tigers complete organizational meetings

The Lakeland Ledger reports that the Tigers finished up their organizational meetings in Florida. The article featured an interview with Jim Leyland. Here are the highlights:

On Pudge:

“I’ve talked with him and we’re OK,” Leyland said. “A lot of that is just frustration when you haven’t accomplished what you thought you could and the season is winding down and you just want to forget it and go home. I’ve seen it before.

8 thoughts on “Tigers complete organizational meetings”

  1. Billfer, your blog is miles better than those other two. I am biased for Tigerscentral because I write over there, but it is more of a feature site than a blog. Yours is the best.

    Leyland will continue Dombrowski’s tradition of little besides vanilla comments for the press. They do need pitching more than anything. The White Sox don’t have an imposing lineup, but they’re champs. Arms.

  2. First, I agree with Tim D – as a diehard Tiger fan, this is the one site I check regularly. And Lee, I would way rather have one more player who could get on base and hit for some power. Like Brian Giles, for instance, although after hating Petco he probably doesn’t want to play in Comerica. Pitching-wise, and upgrade for Johnson, and another serviceable arm or two for the pen, and we’re fine. I think this wouldn’t break the Tiger’s bank..

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about that Deadspin thing. You know, when I read it the first time, I read the numbers as reversed… i.e. 1 at the top and 3 at the bottom. This is the first time I noticed otherwise. Curious.

    And word re: the pitching. Although lord knows how we’re going to do it, the market for pitchers is gonna be SICK this offseason. I shudder to think what AJB’s going to command.

  4. I just checked over a list of current/potential free agents this offseason and there isn’t a whole lot on the whole list that I think the Tigers should go for. I’d like to see Mueller in detroit, but that’s only if we could get him for a short contract and/or quite cheap.

  5. Thanks guys. I appreciate the support, but I don’t view it as a big deal. We Tiger bloggers are a pretty non-competitive group, and the websites that were honored ahead of me, and other sites who didn’t even receive an acknowledgement all do a great job.

  6. Another thing that the Tigers really need to improve next season is their bench. Their starting nine is actually pretty competitive (when healthy) but they are going to see a lot of DL time again next year and they need some decent bats on the bench. I think their lack of depth really hurt them a lot last year.

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