New Draft Signings

The Tigeres signed 4 more players from this years draft. The most recent additions to the Tiger family include:

3rd Round: Chris Robinson
4th Round: Kevin Whelan
6th Round: Clete Thomas
26th Round: Schuyler Williamson

The Tigers have n ow signed 7 of their top 10 picks and 23 overall. Still remaining unsigned are first rounder Cameron Maybin, 5th Rounder Jeff Larrish (Boras), and 9th rounder Paul Coleman.

Reports are that Maybin is looking for bonus money in the $3 million range as one of the top rated talents in the draft. However, the players picked around Maybin have received bonus right around $2 million.

In the case of Williamson, the Tigers must have worked out an agreement with the military. Williamson is a West Point grad and owes the military some service time. Fortunately, it appears that the army is accomodating it’s athletes who sign professional contracts.

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  1. Larish might be a hold out but at this point the reason he hasn’t signed is that his season is still ongoing with Arizona State.

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