Douglass up, Ginter Down

The same day that Sean Douglass was named to the AAA All-Star team, his contract was purchased by the Tigers. Matt Ginter meanwhile was outrighted to Toledo. Douglass should get his first start on Saturday.

Douglass has been very solid for Toledo this year, striking out nearly a batter an inning and a K/BB ratio of 2.8. Douglass made 14 appearances (including 3 starts) for the Blue Jays last year. Control was his biggest struggle as he walked 28 batters in only 38 innings.

Douglass was a non roster invitee to spring training, and he eventually signed as a minor league free agent.

What will be interesting is how Douglass is used in the rotation. Will he be a regular part of the rotation, or will he be a swingman used to keep guys on 4 days rest? Part of it will probably depend on his perforance, and part will depend on how the schedule sets up.

During the telecast of Sunday’s game, Rod Allen indicated that Bob Cluck favors the 4 man rotation. His reasoning was that there are usually enough off days that by and large 4 guys can still pitch on 4 days rest. Looking at the Tigers schedule until the AS break, there is only one off day – which is Monday.

Starting with Douglass’ start on Saturday, here is how the pitching might lineup:

June 25 Douglass
June 26 Bonderman 4
June 28 Robertson 5
June 29 Johnson 5
June 30 Maroth 5
July 1 Bonderman 4*
July 2 Douglass 6
July 3 Robertson 4
July 4 Johnson 4
July 5 Maroth 4
July 6 Bonderman 4
July 7 Douglass 4
July 8 Robertson 4
July 9 Johnson 4
July 10 Maroth 4

On July 1st, it will be a matter of whether they keep Bonderman on 4 days rest. I’m not sure what they’ll do, because there aren’t really implications on whether or not Bonderman or Douglass starts that game. Considering its a Friday night game against the Yankees, and I have tickets, I’m hoping to see Bonderman.

After the break, the Tigers play 14 straight games so they will need to utilize a 5th starter for the forseeable future.

Future’s Game Selections
Justin Verlander and Joel Zumaya will be making their Comerica Park debut on July 10th during the Futures Game. Former Tiger prospect Scott Moore, who was part of the Kyle Farnsworth trade will also be playing.


  1. Jason R

    June 22, 2005 at 4:57 pm

    Douglass has put up good numbers at Toledo this season. The *problem* is that these numbers are not much different from anything else he has done previously in the minors. In his last several stops Douglass has shown a pattern of being above-average in AA and AAA but well below average in the bigs.

  2. Boston Fan in Michigan

    June 22, 2005 at 6:58 pm

    Cluck’s old-school, of course he doesn’t have trouble seeing a 4-man rotation and putting guys out there on short rest. I’m one of those people who go into a frenzy of rage at blind adherence to the ‘pitch count’ stuff, so this should be interesting… that said, I also cringe at the thought of upping Bondo’s work load significantly at such a young age, and can’t help but wonder if this will hasten JJ’s usual second-half decline.

  3. Ron

    June 23, 2005 at 8:33 am

    You forgot about the July 4th doubleheader