Shelton up, Pena down

Team 1270 is reporting that Chris Shelton and Carlos Pena are trading places. Given Pena’s struggles (181/307/287) this season, this move had to be made. Shelton has been tearing up the International League (331/417/569) and the big question remains his glove. However, in the New York series it appeared that Pena’s offensive struggles may have been getting to him in the field as well.

I’m curious to see if the other Carlos’ – Carlos Guillen – injury situation influenced this move. The Tigers want to keep Guillen’s bat in the lineup so they have been DH’ing him. It only makes sense to have Shelton up here if he will get regular at-bats and the Tigers want to keep Dmitri Young in the lineup as well. If Guillen is DH’ing, that means one of the other two guys is playing first base with one guy on the bench. It seems to me that the Tigers don’t forsee Guillen DH’ing much in the near future which means either (a) with the warm weather his knee will be bothering him less, or (b) he’s in a lot of pain and won’t be playing at all for a week or so.

As for Pena, a minor league stint with regular at-bats should be more beneficial to him than getting spot duty on the major league roster. He’s a better hitter than he’s shown this year and at AAA he’ll get a chance to put things together.

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  1. here goes nothin I guess. I’ll be the first to eat my words if Shelton doesn’t work out, but I think he’ll be ok (no worse than Pena anyways ;-))

  2. agreed. I wasn’t in any sort of hurry to see it happen (trusting DD/AT’s judgement), but I’m not the least bit worried.

  3. Looks like pudge might have a fracture in his hand now as well.

    Is there any way shelton would get starts at catcher over wilson if he’s out for a spell?

  4. //Is there any way shelton would get starts at catcher over wilson if he’s out for a spell?//

    Egads. The classic bat-versus-glove arguement. Wilson’s a more than adequate backup catcher, I don’t trust Shelton with any sort of glove. Shelton’s got the better bat (allegedly), Wilson is a weak hitter.


  5. No way Shelton gets behind the dish – Inge would get back there before Shelton would.

    I just dont understand why it has to be an either/or with Shelton and Pena. Why is Ramon Martinez necessary? Or rather, why are both Jason Smith and Ramon Martinez necessary? You dont need 4 middle infielders any more than you need 3 catchers or 12 pitchers. Your bench should be versatile but should also be able to hit when called upon, and I dont see how Martinez fits either description. He’s terrible with the glove and only a tad better than that at the plate.

    I dont know that a demotion is the answer in Pena’s case. Anybody heard of a platoon?

  6. You’re right on about the MIs. Ramon cost us runs in the NY series and doesn’t seem to be the defensive stopper he was billed as when we brought him in (I for one didn’t pay much attention to him before Detroit). Smith is by far the better fielder and with neither being stellar at the plate, I’d go with Smith and demote/waive Martinez and keep Pena. Use him as a late inning defensive replacement, let him work it out in the cages and random spot starts. Let him relax his head – the guy’s a basket case at the plate.

  7. Wondering at what specific time this transaction was posted with MLB? Anybody know where I could find that out?

  8. I don’t see inge getting behind the plate anytime soon, what with his whole, “i can’t play catcher and hit cause i think too much” thing. That leaves third base and short for jason smith and ramon martinez, DH for guillen if he’s still not feeling well (i’m a pessimist and i’m guessing it’ll be a few weeks til he can play shortstop again), vance wilson catching, and DY at first. That’s what i call a huge problem.

  9. I think Inge is enough of a team player that he would do whatever Tram asks of him, but you’re right, Luke – moving him behind the plate means someone would have to play third.

    Hmmmh … Jack Hannahan anyone? He’s floating a 326/388/479 at Toledo …

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