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May 2005


11.05.2005 10 comments

Recently listed the top 20 young pitchers in baseball. Without getting into a debate about how Jeremy Bonderman was ranked way to low at #18, I wanted to highlight a related post by Will Carroll. Carroll, takes a look at each picture and assesses the pitcher’s mechanics. If you’re not familiar with Will’s work, […]

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10.05.2005 3 comments

While Jeremy Bonderman has gotten a lot of praise and hype for his performance this season (and deservedly so) the other right hander in the Tigers rotation has put together a very fine season as well. Jason Johnson had a 3.93 ERA and a 2-2 record going into tonight’s game. And if it weren’t for […]

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Front and Central

09.05.2005 5 comments

Pretty much since MLB went to the six division format in 1994, the AL Central has been among the weakest divisions each year. Cleveland has been the only AL Central team to make a World Series and the division has yet to supply the Wild Card team. The Central was supposed to be more competitive […]

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Percival to Disabled List

09.05.2005 1 comment

So all three Tiger free agents have reached the disabled list this season – and we’re not even a quarter of the way into the season. Troy Percival will be out 3-4 weeks with a shoulder problem. Good thing the Tigers held on to Ugueth Urbina. Jamie Walker and Franklyn German stand to see more […]

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Small ball blogging

06.05.2005 7 comments

Because I’m swamped at work right now, and my normal Tiger blogging time was consumed by attending the last two games, I’m going to keep this short. I’ll get a runner on base with a few brief comments, and then I’ll bunt to keep your interest moving along with a few links of note. -Nate […]

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Not another post about walks

04.05.2005 6 comments

I’ve mentioned in my last several posts how the Tigers’ pitchers are walking way too many hitters as of late. Once again they paid the price last night. Since it’s being covered extensively in the papers, I’ll just throw out this one arcane stat: The last time Tiger pitchers allowed 31 or more walks in […]

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Going the other way

03.05.2005 3 comments

Watching the game last night, I noticed that Tiger hitters were bashing quite a few extra base hits. Craig Monroe had a double in the first. Brandon Inge, Omar Infante, and Carlos Guillen all tripled. And of course Carlos Pena had two dingers. While I know that the above sample has a mix of lefties […]

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Getting Defensive…or Not

02.05.2005 5 comments

The Tigers closed out April as one of the top defensive teams in the American League. Given that the Tigers were one of the worst defensive teams last year, and they only really switched two positions, this is unexpected. Especially considering that one of the upgrades was moving a corner outfielder to center (Monroe), and […]

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02.05.2005 4 comments

What a horrible series. The Tigers’ were fortunate to come away with a victory on Friday night, let a lead slip away on Saturday, and just played lousy on Sunday. And there’s nothing like a two game losing streak before the Fire Tram talk starts up. While Trammell did make some mistakes this series, I’m […]

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