The Pocket Schedule

A reader recently sent me a Tiger artifact he happened to come across. It is a pristine Tigers pocket schedule from 1972. Aside from this being a very thoughtful gesture from a generous stranger, the pocket schedule is a great way to look back in baseball time.

I scanned in the schedule, and the pictures are below.

The first thing I really noticed is how plain and simple it was. It had only 3 panels, front and back, and could easily fit in your wallet. It is a far cry from the 2005 pocket schedule. The 2005 edition is glossy and has Pudge on the front. It is four panels with an extra horizontal fold that makes it almost the size of a sheet of paper. While the newer version is much bigger, the only piece of additional relevant information is a seating chart.

The 1972 schedule also brought back memories of the old Tiger in the circle logo which was classic. The schedule itself also denotes the long since defunct “Ladie Day.” It also had schedule doubleheaders, Twi-night and conventional. Make sure to take note of the ticket prices, because if you had $4 you could buy yourself a box seat. You could by that seat either in person, by mail-order, or at the store formerly known as Hudsons.

I don’t remember when the Tigers abandoned the simple 3 panel schedule, but I wish they’d go back to it. The newer ones are just too bulky with too much wasted space. Unforunately, the chances of that happening are probably only slightly better than the chances of them returning to $4 box seats.

In any case, I just wanted to share this with you and thank Vern who sent it to me.

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  1. First, I love your blog. I try and read it as often as possible. Second, I love that old logo. I would love to be able to get anything with that old logo on it (hat, tee-shirt, etc.).

    Love the information your provide – great stuff for a bug Tigers Fan in Columbus, OH.

  2. big fan of the old logo. i like the wide eyed “i just pooped my pants” look the tiger has. forget having a ferocious or imposing tiger-this one is scared poop-less!

  3. I had one of those pocket deals every year for years. That ’72 is a gem; there was a strike that year and the first few games of the year were lost. Then the Tigers took the division title down the stretch from the Red Sox. Kaline’s last great tear carried them at the end. Oakland pitching pretty much killed them in the playoffs.

    On a side note, Earl Wilson died yesterday. Saw him pitch many times. A big hard thrower who was great in ’66 and ’67. He wasn’t as lucky with run support in ’68 or ’69 but he gave the Tigers 200+ solid IP for four years in a row. They used him as an occasional PH and he had some notable pokes. A joke that he didn’t make the ’67 All-Star team. He lived in Detroit after his career as many of the ’68 guys did. One tough pitcher.

  4. Hi, I’m the guy who sent Bill the schedule. It had been used as a bookmark, and I found it inside a book someone had donated to the library I work for, in Cleveland. As an Indians fan the schedule meant little to me, but I figured a hardcore Tigers fan would get a kick out of it. Great post, Bill. If you find a 1972 Indians schedule, please let me know! Actually, don’t bother, the Tribe sucked that year: 72-84. Big surprise there, huh?

    Sorry to hear about Earl Wilson. I remember watching Lolich and McLain as an 11-year-old baseball fan during that ’68 season but I don’t have any memories of Wilson, but he was obviously a pretty good hurler–he tossed a no-hitter in 1962–and by all accounts a decent guy too.

    Good luck to your ballclub this year. I hope Ordonez comes back sooner rather than later, although I wouldn’t mind seeing him ride the pine when the Tigers play the Indians.

  5. Vern you’re the coolest Indians fan I’ve ever met!

    Great post Billfer.

    And, yes the old logo rules.

  6. Success!! The plan finally came to fruition. Six great innings from Maroth, Farnsworth the seventh Uggie the eighth and Percival the ninth

  7. Do you recall the “old school” Tigers Logo with the Tiger in the middle of the circle and the Detroit Tiger name at the top and bottom? I want a t-shirt with the logo…any ideas?

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