By the numbers – The Royals series

With a sample size of 3 games you can’t make a lot of statistical inferences. But it doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with the numbers:

This is the ratio of Nook Logan’s runs scored to plate appearances. Nook managed to score twice despite grounding out in his only plate appearance due to a couple successful pinch running assignments.

How about that strikeout to walk ratio for Tiger pitchers. Granted, the Royals aren’t the most intimidating lineup, but it was a good job by the staff not giving out free passes. With 24 strikeouts, 30% of the outs came via the K.

Unfortunately, this is the number of plays missed by Inge. He chalked up his first error yesterday, and on Wednesday he probably should have had at least one more. Inge will make some dazzling plays, like the barehander on Opening Day. However, I’m still not convinced that he will end up being a big upgrade defensively.

Three is also the number of Royals gunned down on the basepaths. I wrote earlier in the spring how nobody tested Pudge last year, despite the fact his CS% had been dropping. The Royals tested him in this series and Pudge didn’t allow a stolen base.

The number of pitches that Carlos Pena saw in his 12 plate appearances. Pena drew 4 walks against only one strikeout. Combined with his 3 hits, Pena was the toughest out for the Tigers during this series.

The number of collisions/near collisions between Higginson and the centerfielder. Bobby has always been aggressive on balls to right-center. Often times it has been with good reason as Tiger centerfielders have either been young, or not very good, and Higgy has been the established starter. Typically it only takes a play or two where Higgy will stare down the centerfielder after the play before they start backing off. Now without TV I didn’t see the play in question and I don’t know how it went down. However, I know with 10,000 fans it wasn’t too loud to not hear a call. Higgy has to let Monroe make those plays. From all accounts, Monroe didn’t miss any plays and didn’t hurt them defensively.

Why Bondy is the Man
Yesterday on The Big Show on 1270 Art Regner asked Jeremy Bonderman what he thought about his Opening Day start now that he’s had a couple days to think about it. Bonderman answered, “I’m just kind of glad to have it over with. There are 35 more starts until the playoffs start.” His answer wasn’t arrogant, he just delivered it in the same matter of fact way that he answers every question. If he can keep this up, Detroit will be overflowing with Bonder-love.

TV Time
For those of you missing the Tigers, they start a stretch of 4 consecutive games on TV. It will be the longest stretch this month so get your fix while you can.