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March 2005

Tigers Release Sanchez

15.03.2005 17 comments

Wow – I didn’t expect this to happen. The Tigers have released centerfielder Alex Sanchez. I could go into detail about why I like this move, but if you’ve been reading for the last month or so you know my feelings about Sanchez. This of course creates two voids. The first is the leadoff spot. […]

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Previewing the Rotation

14.03.2005 4 comments

With only a couple of weeks until the start of the regular season, it is time to starting doing some previews. I’m going to start this year with the starting rotation for the simple reason that it is the most resolved. There are still question marks regarding outfield configuration (which effects the offense) as well […]

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Tigers on the Net

12.03.2005 2 comments

Craig Burley has written a preview of the Tigers for the Batters Box. It is probably the most optimistic outlook I’ve seen from a non-Detroiter, and overall it is a very fair assessment. What does this mean for 2005? I think if you look at the moves the Tigers have made, the reason that a […]

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Quote-worthy 2

10.03.2005 6 comments

Continuing with some of the more interesting revelations from Lakeland thus far: The Hacking Higgy “You have to hit for average. That’s what people get caught up in. There’s only one Oakland A’s team out there that really cares about on-base percentage. It looks better if you’re hitting .300 and getting on base .320, than […]

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08.03.2005 10 comments

Some of the more notable quotes of the first two weeks of spring training: I don’t think, therefore I hit good “I’m just playing baseball this year,” he said later. “I get to be more of a kid again. Third base is more fun. I’m more relaxed. Catching was the hardest thing I’ve ever done […]

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In UPN vs. Tigers – the Fans Lose

06.03.2005 11 comments

It was reported last week that UPN 50 and the Detroit Tigers have broken off negotiations to broadcast Tiger games. UPN 50 has been the Tigers over-the-air broadcast partner since 1995, and they have typically aired 25-40 games each of those years. Unless things change drastically over the next 3 weeks, non-cable subscribers will be […]

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Player A or Player B

02.03.2005 12 comments

In classic Rob Neyer style, I present to you two players’ career statistics: Age AB BA OBP SLG FPCT Player A 27 764 215 287 414 927Player B 28 1248 227 283 360 935 Neither players’ offensive numbers are good, and the nobody is jumping up and down about their fielding percentages either. Player B […]

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