The Bolder the Better

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something in sports, but it is so crazy and off the wall that you never voice it for fear of losing all credibility? These are the type of things you’d never bet money on, yet you pull for them out of hope or some sort of self validation. These are the types of things that you blurt out while finishing off your second 32oz beer at the game, only to hope your friends are too drunk to remember. These are the educated guesses that skip the “educated” part.

That’s what I want to do here. Give me that ridiculous prediction that you see in line for the Tigers this year. Leave your long shot predictions in the comments, and we’ll just try and have some fun. No mocking allowed! It can be about trades, breakthrough seasons, breakdown seasons, individual achievements, or team accomplishments. You won’t be thought less of (at least not by me). To start things off I’ll give you this:

Craig Monroe will start off the season crushing the ball and he will be competing in the Home Run Derby All Star Weekend.

Actually, this is a cheap stall tactic. I’m working on previewing the Tigers bullpen. Unfortunately, that’s tough to do when I only feel confident about three of the six guys manning the late innings. Between the Urbina trade rumors, the battle of the out-of-option crew (German, Colyer, and Knotts), and a strong looking Fernando Rodney the bullpen is still unsettled. Given all the uncertainty, I’m going to punt and buy some time.