Dean Palmer among Non Roster Invitees

The Tigers have invited 19 players to spring training this year and it’s an interesting mix of guys trying to stick with a major league team, prospects, and some familiar faces. Most surprising among those is Dean Palmer who retired last year. Another familiar face is Mike Rivera who came up through the Tigers organization and was traded to San Diego.

The list of prospects invited includes Tony Giarratano, Mike Rabelo, Maxim St. Pierre, and Jack Hannahan. (I know that in the case of some of these guys I’m using the term prospect loosely)

Other invitees include: Nelson Cruz, Craig Dingman, Sean Douglass, John Ennis, Andrew Good, Matt Roney, Mike Bynum, Doug Creek, Brandon Harper, Sandy Martinez, and Kevin Hooper.

The most conspicuous absensce maybe that of Kyle Sleeth, the top pick in 2003.

4 thoughts on “Dean Palmer among Non Roster Invitees”

  1. Good situation for both Palmer and the Tigers. Gives them both a chance to see if he can still play. Would love to see him play again. Lot of great memories.

  2. I always thought Mike Rivera was going to be solid. Chalk it up as another incorrect prediction, although now that he’s back, it’d be nice to see him turn it around.

    Maxim St. Pierre has one of the coolest baseball names. Too bad he can’t hit.

  3. Rivera shocked a lot of people that season he came roaring out of Spring Training. He just couldn’t keep it up. Maybe he can regain his posture, and atleast make it to AAA.

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