Tiger Stat Potpourri

Miscellaneous Tiger factoids:
-Lead off hitter Alex Sanchez now has 42 plate apperances without a walk. Fortunately he’s batting .300, unfortunately his OBA is .300.
-Equally concerning is that Eric Munson doesn’t have a walk this season in 30 plate appearances. Last year Munson had about one walk for every ten PA’s. He was averaging 3.7 pitches per at-bat last year, and only 3.03 this year. While his slugging and batting average are up, his OBA is .267.
-The Tigers have now gone 50 innings and 5 1/2 games without a home run. The last dinger was Carlos Pena off of Johan Santana in the 4th inning on April 10th
-Tiger pitching is last in the American League in WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched).
-Fortuately the Tigers are striking out more opposing batters this year. After finishing dead last last year, they are tied for 6th in the American league this year. That is probably what is helping to keep all of those baserunners from turning into runs.

Game Notes:
Mike Maroth turned in exactly what the Tigers needed, a solid outing. He lasted into the eighth inning only allowing one run. He was faced with several jams, and managed to pitch out of them thanks to 7 strike outs and a 1-6-2 double play. Amazingly, the Tigers held Jody Gerut to one hit yesterday, which means he’s only hitting .600 against the Tigers this year. Jeremy Bonderman takes the mound today to try and make it two in a row.

Also, if you’re looking for a good Indians blog, may I recommend the Cleveland Indians Report.


  1. milo74

    April 18, 2004 at 4:08 pm

    the CIR is good, and the indians’ Forum usually has a gamechat. look for a thread named ‘preview’ or the postgame ‘baseballs & goofballs.’ tribe 9-7 today. get ’em monday night !

  2. Casey

    April 19, 2004 at 3:04 am

    “Lead off hitter Alex Sanchez now has 42 plate appearances without a walk. Fortunately he’s batting .300, unfortunately his OBA is .300.”

    This has GOT to be a concern for Tigers fans. What’s the local take on Sanchez? Is he a suitable long term answer to the leadoff spot? What – if any – answers might there be in the farm system?



  3. Tim D

    April 19, 2004 at 5:06 pm

    Unfortunately the long term take on Sanchez seems to be that his speed is disruptive at the top of the order. They have many better 1-2 options, like Guillen and Vina (or Munson who will start getting his walks). They seem enraptured with Sanchez because he can run.

    I must say I find some of the line-up choices of late disturbing. Inge is playing way too much and will now probably get to play CF w/Sanchez out. Norton has been awful and is platooning with Munson and/or Pena. Munson and Pena should both be in there against lefties. They are too early in their careers and have too much upside to be designated as platoon players. Munson especially has been sitting a lot. If they want to sit somebody then sit Higginson.

    I’d like to see them dump Sanchez but they don’t have another option. Curtis Granderson is looking good but he’s only at AA.