Not your father’s baseball statistics

The Hardball Times has posted their first page of statistics. So far it’s just offensive stats, but they aren’t posting basic stats. They have runs created (which I used extensively in my season preview), pitches per plate apperance, batting average with runners in scoring position, and line drive percentage.

A couple interesting notes while looking at my Tigers:
1. Six different Tigers have batting averages over .400 with runners in scoring position (and Vina is at .353) which goes along ways toward explaining why the Tigers are leading the league in scoring.
2. The much maligned (by me anyways) Greg Norton is leading the team in pitches per plate appearance at 4.72. So despite his proliferation of outs, he is having extended ABs and making the pitcher work.
3. Carlos Guillen, Rondell White, and Bobby Higginson are the top 3 Tigers in line drive percentage