Marching towards infamy

The Tigers have 5 losing streaks of 7 or more games this season. That’s offset by 3 winning streaks of 2 or more games. After being swept by the Diamondbacks, their current losing streak is at nine. The Diamondbacks lineup is almost as obscure (due to injuries) as the Tigers (due to…well you know why) and yet they handled the Tigers easily this weekend. This further contributes to the frustration. Even other young inexperienced teams manage to beat up on the Tigers. Just ask the Indians who are also rebuilding have gone 8-2 against the Tigers. They are almost as offensively inept, averaging 3.8 runs per game when they’re not playing the Tigers (when they average 6.1 rpg). So it’s obvious the Tigers are going to have trouble with good teams, but it becomes even more difficult to watch when they struggle agaisnt teams in the same situation.

In any case, I’m heading down to the game tonight. With Maroth going against Toronto, I’m not holding my breath for this streak to end. I’ll have a look back at the month of June tomorrow.