To look at Bonderman’s line from last night, it isn’t terribly exciting. 6.1IP, 3 ER, 7 hits, 8K, 0 BB. However, for the first six innings he was pretty dominating. He had great command and was doing a good job locating all of his pitches. His fastball even hit 97 a couple of times on the radar gun. Also, he was efficient, only using 72 pitches prior to the seventh inning. Then after retiring the first batter in the seventh, Bradley worked an 8 pitch at-bat into a single and stole second. That’s when it fell apart for Jeremy. Broussard doubled in Bradley. Two more singles and Jeremy was done for the night. He had a third run charged to him when Spurling allowed a sac fly. That being said, this was probably Jeremy’s best outing since his battle against Zito in Oakland. While the Tigers didn’t get the win, and Bonderman got the benefit of Tony Randazzo’s wide strike zone, it was still nice to see a strong performance from the kid.

A couple other bright spots from this loss included another home run by Eric Munson, as part of a 3 hit day. Munson has raised his average to .242 and now has 9 home runs on the year. The downside is that 7 of those home runs have been solo. Also, Bobby Higginson hit 4 balls hard, and had two hits to show for it.

Dmitri Young had a couple of opportunities to pick up RBI’s and instead struck out and hit a comebacker.