Ouch-Pena and Maroth are injured

The one positive thing you could say about the Tigers this year is that they’ve been healthy. Fifty-one games in and the starting rotation is intact, and the only person to spend time on the DL is Dean Palmer (which should never be considered a surprise). Sure Omar Infante missed a couple games to a stiff back, and Dmitri has lost a couple AB’s to various ailments, but the team has been healthy. That was until Carlos Pena tore a tendon behind his knee. Now according to Dr. Pena, the injury isn’t that serious (from the Free Press) “The tendon that I tore is one you don’t really need or use,” Pena said. “Once there’s no more bleeding and the swelling goes down, I should be OK. In fact, the doctor told me my leg probably will end up feeling better than it did before.” Hopefully Carlos is right.

Mike Maroth had to leave yesterday’s game in the second inning after his hamstring tightened up when backing up home plate. It’s too early to know whether or not he’ll miss his next turn.

Yesterday was my third trip down to Comerica this year, and I took the whole family. Billy, my two year old, attended his second game this year. Katilyn, my 2 month old attended her first game ever. Needless to say I only saw parts of the game. Luckily, two very nice gentleman approached us while we were in line for tickets, and gave us two that they weren’t using. Turns out the two were 12 rows behind the Tiger dugout. Despite the way the Tigers played it was a beautiful day and I can’t think of many other places I’d rather be on a weekday afternoon than at a baseball game. Unfortunately the place was pretty empty, the paid attendance was 17,000 but actual attendance I’d put around 10,000. The lack of turnout is really disheartening. I know the team is pitiful this year, but weekday afternoon games still used to be a decent draw. And I’m not talking about the “good ole days.” I’m talking like 98-99. It speaks to just how bad this organization has been for so long, that people don’t even think about coming out.

Even with a bad team, there is still something inherently enjoyable about sitting outside on a sunny day, having some hot dogs, drinking some beer and watching baseball. Billy loves going to games, and at two he doesn’t understand what’s going on on the field. He just likes seeing the stadium, and eating hot dogs, and sitting in the seats (and no we don’t do the carousel and ferris wheel stuff). With Clemens going for 300, I hope that it generates enough interest to fill the stadium. I’d be going if my wife wasn’t working that day. I know that I can only expect so much support for a 13-38 team. Still, I just want people to remember that going to a game is still fun.

Other Stuff:
-After playing solid 3B for the bulk of the season, Eric Munson has committed errors in 3 of his last 4 games
-Alex Sanchez debuted with a single, and then easily stole second. He had a huge jump, and was two strides from the bag before the ball got to home plate. The Tigers are now 20 for 41 in stolen bases. Opponents have been successful 30 of 41 times, including 1-2 in attempts to steal home.
-Wil Ledezma pitched 3 2/3 innings (career high) and looked alright. He walked 2 and allowed 3 hits. No runs were charged to him, although two runners he inherited from Maroth scored in the second
-Dmitri Young hit only the 11th homer in Comerica Park history into the centerfield ivy
-With two doubles yesterday Brandon Inge’s OPS has topped .500 for the first time this season