Group looking to bring minor-league ball to Tiger Stadium in 2002
So Illitch is thinking about moving the Tigers back to Michigan and Trumbull?

The Tigers have been so poor that Josh Lewin can’t bear to announce the game anymore and is leaving. If you’ve ever seen Josh do a national game, you know that he is an excellent announcer. Unfortunately, that was sometimes hidden by all the Gibby butt-kissing he’d do while covering Tiger games.

Parrish fired as third base coach
Yep, that’s why the Tigers were so bad, their third base coach. Combined with firing Madlock the Tigers are now poised to make a run at the division title.
At least with Madlock and Parrish as coaches the one thing the Tigers could say with confidence is, “our coaching staff could kick your coaching staff’s ass!”

Players union files grievance for Cedeno – 10/17/01
The grievance is for Cedeno being benched for the last 19 games of the season. The benching cost him $200,000 in bonuses he would have received for plate appearances and stolen bases. The benching was partially the result of a fight with Garner. However, I think the benching had more to do with the fact that Cedeno had made it clear he wouldn’t resign, and the Tigers chose to use the opportunity to explore new options for leadoff/centerfield instead of showcasing his talents so he could get a bigger contract someplace else. It seems like one of the better moves the Tigers made this season.

Bill Madlock is fired as hitting coach. Considering the dismal offense this season, I guess it is to be expected. However, in his defense the Tigers got more out of Halter and Macias than anybody could have expected. Did Madlock contribute to this? Who knows?